Volvo Ocean Race Newport Wins EPA Environmental Merit Award


For more than forty-five years, EPA New England has honored those who have made outstanding contributions to protect New England's environment. EPA's Environmental Merit Awards Program has honored teachers, citizen activists, business leaders, scientists, public officials and others who have made outstanding contributions on behalf of the region's public health and natural environment. The Environmental Merit Awards recognize outstanding accomplishments during the past year and over a lifetime.

Brad Read, Suma Plowden, DEM Director Janet Coit COA Dave McLaughlin, 11th Hour Michelle Carnevale in Boston to receive 2018 Environmental Award from the EPA at the 2018 Environmental Merit Awards at The Great Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Others in Boston today who contributed to the Volvo Ocean Race Newport: Amy Kempe, president of the board of Sail Newport, Monica DeAngelis and Ian and Michelle Estaphan Owen, Michelle Carnevale of 11th Hour Racing, Lisa Wagenbach, Martha McConnell, Nina Quartella, Chris Benzak of Newport Biodiesel, Laurie Stroll of Newport Hospitality and Kim Cooper of Sail Newport.

Janet Coit, DEM, Brad Read, Sail Newport, Dave McLaughlin, Clean Ocean Access, Michelle Carnevale, 11th Hour Racing, Susan Maffei Plowden, Sail Newport, Amy Kempe, President, Sail Newport, Martha McConnell, Monica DeAngelis, Michelle Estaphen Owen, Ian Eatephan Owen, Laurie Stroll, Newport Hospitality, Nina Quartella, Chris Benzak, Newport Biodiesel, Lisa Wagenbach.