Vestas 11th Hour Racing Arrives in Itajaí



©Pedro Martinez

Vestas 11th Hour Racing has arrived in Itajaí – one week after leaving the Falkland Islands under jury rig, following a dismasting on Leg 7.

The blue boat docked into Brazil on Monday having been delivered the 1,500 mile trip by sailor Damian Foxall and members of the team's shore crew – Diego Torrado, Andres Guerra Font, Spencer Loxton and Diego Turell.

Work is now underway to lift the boat out of the water and fit a new Southern Spars mast, which has already been transported to Itajaí.

Enright's team had passed Cape Horn in second place and was racing north towards Brazil when they dismasted on 30 March some 100 miles southeast of the Falkland Islands.

The crew motored to the archipelago and set about sourcing materials to construct a jury rig in order to get them to Itajaí in time for repairs and to begin Leg 8 on Sunday 22 April.