Marine Science


The Volvo Ocean Race is a 40,000 trek through the oceans of the world. In this section we will learn about the health of the oceans, sustainability and the world around us.


The beauty of our oceans is captured on film

Make Your Own Waves

Contributed by: National Geographic
Waves are the movement of water. What happens when you make your own waves? Create waves to understand their movement patterns.

Ocean Literacy

Contributed by:NOAA
A set of lessons designed to help students understand "ocean literacy," our influence on the world's oceans and its influence on us.

Ocean Currents

Contributed by: NOAA
A multimedia lesson on the currents of the world.

Our Interconnected Ocean

Contributed by: National Geographic
How has the thinking about the ocean changed over time?

Beach Bucket Scavenger Hunt

Contributed by: Sailors for the Sea
A fun scavenger hunt that gives students understanding of what can be found on beaches, giving an introduction to beach ecology and the role of manmade objects.

Hooked on Conservation

Contributed by: Sailors for the Sea
A creative game that shows the effects of longline fishing on the health of the ocean ecosystem.

All that Glitters

Contributed by: Sailors for the Sea
An activity that plays with light at different depths of the oceans and discusses adaptations organisms have made for different light conditions.

Oyster Tag

Contributed by: Sailors for the Sea
A game of freeze tag that gives an understanding of the interaction of oyster reefs and toxic waste (pollution) in the water.

Bio-Magnification Game

Contributed by: Sailors for the Sea
A tag inspired game that demonstrates how plastics and the chemicals in plastics are bio-magnified to reach our dinner plates.

Everything Flows Downstream

Contributed by: Sailors for the Sea
Students illustrate the effects of the land use in a watershed by simulating development of their own riverfront property.