Geography and Culture


The Volvo Ocean Race will visit 11 ports over 5 contents. In this section we will explore both the physical properties of Earth’s surface and the human societies spread across it.

Why We Sail

Contributed by: Waterlust

National Geographic's Interactive Map Maker

National Geographic's amazing chart tool will allow you to track the latitude and longitude of each team. Use the layers function to add environmental, physical, demographic and economic data. A great tool for your classroom.

Measuring Weather With Tools

Contributed by: National Geographic
A fun branstorming activity for kids to explore the different tools used to measure weather.

Migration Around The World

Contributed by: National Geographic
An interactive map activity to understand migration patterns around the world.

Investigating Map Projections

Contributed by: National Geographic
Students use oranges to explore the challenges of transferring a three dimensional object to a two dimensional surface.

Measuring Distances on a Map

Contributed by: National Geographic
Ever wonder how do the Volvo Ocean Race teams figure out how many miles they need to sail? Learn how to measure distances on a map!

A Latitude/Longitude Puzzle

Contributed by: National Geographic
How can lat/long clues, as well as what we learn about the culture and environment of different places, help us to solve a map puzzle?

Skype in the Classroom

Skype with classrooms across the globe to learn more about foreign culture and interests. Using the interacting "Find a Teacher" map, locate classrooms close to stopover ports and schedule a virtual meetup.